Excessive loss: reasons and solutions
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Hair is a living tissue; it is updated very quickly, because it grows the fastest in our body.  Thus, basically, hair loss is natural. Yet excessive loss, which is accompanied by deterioration in hair quality (thinning, dryness and brittleness), is no longer normal.
If your hair has lost volume and strength over the past 2-4 months, you notice more than 100 hairs on a comb per day, then most likely this was due to one or several reasons:
·           Diet, food restriction;
·           Illness, medication;
·           Physical stress and athletic stress;
·           Emotional stress, depressive states;
·           Intensive work period or exams
·           Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding
·           Care that does not suit your hair type.

These are only the most common reasons for hair loss due to stress, but still not all of them. Indeed, when the body turns on all forces to combat stress, the hair reacts with a sharp deterioration: it decreases in volume and falls out faster.

Before the process of intensive loss starts, hair becomes thinner as it quickly loses moisture. It also becomes less soft and shiny, more porous due to the lack of vital elements leading to cuticle and stem damage. Therefore, if you notice that your hair has lost its vitality, you can take timely measures to restore it in order to prevent excessive hair loss.

Using qualified care with proven effectiveness, loss can be totally avoided.

You can also save and recover your hair in case when hair problems last for a few months. The main principle of loss prevention is gentle care.
It is important to understand that hair requires no less caring attitude than skin. Therefore, protect them from physical impact (do not abuse styling and staining, wear a hat) and use high-qualified and delicate treatment.
Swiss Valdoré products have been specially created for those who want to provide their hair with gentle and effective care according to the latest beauty trends. They contain ingredients proven by trichologists’ years of practice, natural plant extracts and oils. Valdoré Program, consisting of five products, is suitable for any age and type of hair and is recommended for deterioration of the hair structure, including intense hair loss.
The Valdoré product line increases hair growth by 58% after two weeks of regular use, as proved by laboratory tests. It was created to solve the problem of thinning and hair loss due to the body's response to stressful situations: emotional stress, physical activity, diet, taking medications, as well as during and after pregnancy and breastfeeding.    In addition, using Valdoré complex will help to increase hair density, make it strong, healthy and shiny. 
Thanks to high-tech formula based on a complex of plant stem cells, essential oils and bioactive components, Valdoré products improve scalp condition, increase the bulb adhesion to the dermis, and enhance keratinization and moisture hair level.
No matter what the reason of hair damaging is, Swiss Valdoré Care will help to maintain its beauty and health make it thicker and stronger. 

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