Swiss Valdoré Hair Loss Complex combines the rich practice of using natural ingredients and the latest developments in cosmetology.
Plant Stem Cells
The use of phyto-stem cell in hair care products is the newest trend combining scientific progress and the power of nature. Only a few stem cells are able to restore the whole plant, as they synthesize cells of any tissue, from epithelial to formative. The secret lies in the unique composition of these cells: enormous energy, growth factors and a great number of proteins, vitamins and antioxidants.

Recent studies have shown that plant stem cells have a regenerative effect on human tissues. Acting on the cells of the dermis, they intensify the production of fibroblasts, elastin and collagen, called the "building material" of hair and skin. In addition, these are absolutely safe and hypoallergenic.

Valdoré formulas use a gentle biotechnological method of extracting stem cells from selective species of apple tree, Echinacea and Buddleia. That allows to maximize their natural energy and nutrients.
Phyto stem cells are included in the Intensive program against hair loss and thinning and the Revitalizing Shampoo.

Kopexil (2,4-diaminopyrimidin-3-oxide).  The "golden standard" of trichology in the treatment of hair loss. The most common active drug with proven efficacy in vivo. Kopexil prevents hardening of collagen, which impedes the reduction of hair follicles. Thanks to the use of kopexil, blood circulation in the scalp is restored, hair loss is reduced and new hair growth is resumed.
Copexyl is contained in hair growth ampoules as part of the Intensive program against hair loss and thinning.

Prokapil ™. The patented complex of triple action, which restores atrophied cells. Prokapil ™ consists of apigenin, oleanolic acid and biotinoyl tripeptide-1. It can inhibit and block the sensitivity of hair follicles to testosterone, which is the main cause of hair loss.

GHK peptide complex, Copper tripeptide. The peptide is a highly active biocomponent found in the tissues of living organisms. It plays a significant role in the process of tissue regeneration, and it is responsible for the fight against free radicals and strengthening immunity. Due to the ability to activate the life of cells substantially, this peptide is considered one of the most effective components for reviving hair density.
Restores the elasticity of blood vessels and increases the number of hair follicles, improving hair growth and thickness.
GHK (copper-containing tripeptide, tripeptide-1)
It consists of 3 amino acids: glycerin (glycerine), histidine (histidine) and lysine (lysine). Tripeptide is a highly active biocomponent found in the tissues of living organisms and has an important function in the processes of their repair, protection and immunity strengthening. GHK tripeptide is considered one of the most effective components for restoring hair density due to its ability to visibly activate the activity of cells. It restores elasticity to the vessels of the scalp and increases the number of active hair follicles. This contributes to a significant improvement of hair growth and thickness.

Biotin (Vitamin H, Vitamin B7) is a coenzyme involved in reactions of oxygen transfer to organic compounds. Biotin is necessary in the metabolism of carbohydrates (carbohydrates), fats and amino acids (building blocks of proteins).

A stimulant that can instantly expand blood vessels. Due to better blood flow, hair follicles get better nutrition, which means they recover faster and become stronger.
Complex of Essential Oils with Proven Efficiency
Specially designed to quickly restore the growth, strength and density of hair.  Combines the most beneficial natural plant oils for their health:
  • sage essential oil (Salvia Officinalis) - Strengthens hair and gives it shine;
  • thyme Flower Essential Oil (Thymus Vulgaris) - Restores hair damage, tones the scalp;
  • rosemary leaf essential oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis) - Stabilizes the balance of the dermis, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the hair shaft, revitalizes dull hair.

Ginkgo biloba leaf extract (Ginkgo bilŏba)
Gingko biloba extract improves blood circulation in tissues, expanding capillaries, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Because of it, the formula normalizes blood circulation. The nutrition of the hair follicles is restored and the problem of split ends is solved.

The composition of essential oils of sage, thyme blossom, rosemary leaves and ginkgo biloba extract is the basis of the Stimulating Scalp Serum.

Castor Seed Oil (Rininus Communis Seed Oil)
One of the most effective natural remedies for hair growth. Has a pronounced stimulating effect. The antibacterial and antifungal properties due to the content of ricinoleic acid provide the detox-effect of the formula for the scalp.

Wheat germ oil (Tricitum Vulgare)
Rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, therefore it perfectly protects your hair. Gently moisturizes and smoothers the hair cuticle, fights against mechanical damage. In the formula Wheat germ oil is responsible for nutrition and softness.

Wheat germ oil and castor oil form the basis of the Recovering Keratin Hair Oil with a special water-soluble formula.

Acai berry oil (Euterpe oleracea)
Obtained by "cold-pressed" berries, it mainly consists of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Contains an unrivaled amount of antioxidants, even ten times ahead of grape seed oil.

Andiroba Seed Oil (Capara Guaianensis)
Due to the content of fatty acids, vitamin F and tannins, it stimulates blood circulation and fights against tissue damage. Enhances the regenerating effect of the formula.

Açai berry oil and Andiroba seed oil are part of the formula of the Revitalizing Shampoo.

Japanese Eriobotria Leaf Extract (Eriobotrya Japonica)
Has a tonic effect on the walls of blood vessels, improving the nutrition of hair follicles. Stimulates the production of own growth factors in hair follicles, thereby increasing the diameter of the hair.

Eriobothria japonica leaf extract is contained in serums for hair growth in Intensive program against hair loss and thinning and the Revitalizing Shampoo.