What is art?  Above all it is about creativity, the expression of the soul, body and heart to create something exceptional.  Art is individual, everyone feels and understands it in his own way, and that’s where lies its magic and appeal.

What will be able to completely enchant its audience? Ballet -  the art which is so startling and diverse...  Music merges in a sublimely choreographed dance, performing either drama or comedy, turning our feelings to the bliss of excitement? Perhaps, what makes ballet unique, is that it uncompromisingly captivates everyone with its multifaceted beauty.
What is ballet? Lightness, grace, strength, perfection of every gesture to the fingertips...
What associations does ballet evoke in you?  Lightness, grace, strength, perfection of every gesture to the fingertips... Beautiful lively art fascinates the viewer so much that you sometimes can’t even wonder about the enormous work done behind each pirouette.
Ballet as an inspiration
Looking at the ballet on the other side, you unwillingly admit that it's a 'sacrifice' to art and beauty. The work of ballet dancers is exhausting, as they expose themselves to the gruelling rehearsals (8 hours per day), must keep to a diet and are experiencing anxiety and stress from performing. At the same time, the ballet is created to bring people pure beauty. And ballerinas should always look brilliant!
Valdoré is inspired by pristine elegance. We want hair to look as natural and beautiful as possible: lively, soft and thick by nature... Hence our preference for natural ingredients that are carefully selected to create our formulas.
Valdoré is affected by the great aesthetics of ballet. We have tried to lay it at the heart of our brand: lightness, grace, no excesses, just a symphony of selected components in a pure beauty potion.
Ballet as an inspiration
Valdoré supports ballet dancers so as their hair remains beautiful, and uncompromisingly thick while and after performing, despite all efforts. Strands of graceful dancers are constantly forced to suffer from debilitating physical exertion, tight beams, regular hairspray and everyday styling. Especially such stressed hair needs careful complex treatment to achieve healthy shine, elasticity and volume!