Interview with Valdoré Formulas Developer

Valdoré Formulas Creator

master’s degree in Science, researcher in cosmetic products - Geneva, Switzerland
master’s degree in cellular and molecular biology at the University of Lyon, France. Doctoral study of the effect of neuropeptides on vascular smooth muscle cells in University of Geneva, Switzerland. Researcher of cosmetic products and developed her 25+ years career in this field since 1994, in Geneva, Switzerland. Developed more than 150 formulas of cosmetic products (both for skin and hair care, including organic products). Scientific area of interest is plant stem cells and its influence on reversing and slowing aging processes of skin, scalp and hair.
Today we would like to talk with you about Valdoré products. What’s there so special?
In all Valdoré products, you will find synergy of the latest scientific innovations, natural ingredients, and swiss quality and precision. Some of the formulas are based on more than 40 years of extensive research in our laboratories, and we are continuously working to improve our formulas with new and even better-performing ingredients.
Some of the Valdoré formulas are based on more than 40 years of extensive research in our laboratories, and we are continuously working to improve our formulas with new and even better performing ingredients.
Please tell us how you develop new products?
Our philosophy is simple, we truly believe in the power of nature. This is the reason we’re trying to use natural ingredients as much as possible. If some recent research reveals that one chemical compound has a positive impact on hair growth, we’re trying to find this chemical in natural form – searching for plants, essential oils, or natural extracts. For example, minoxidil (a known drug) is efficient in improving blood microcirculation in the scalp, however, it has some downsides (it dries the scalp and can affect blood pressure in general), so instead of minoxidil we’re using apigenin, a citrus extract flavonoid with equivalent vasolidatory effect. Based on our experience, natural components present less adverse effect and demonstrate a long-lasting effect.

How do you test the products?
We start with having laboratory tests performed for all active ingredients and components. After that all our  products undergo dermatological tests. And yes, we do test on humans! No tests are performed on animals! We also perform in-vitro and in-vivo testing depending on ingredient and formula. Our best friends are our experience, evidence-based research findings in last 40 years and Swiss-based production “know-how”. 
Plant stem cell extracts of apple, echinacea and buddleja davidii are used as magical ingredients in Valdoré revitalizing shampoo and hair loss prevention program. The extracts contain vegetable growth factor and studies showed that they help to maintain the hair stem cells in good health.
Tell us more about magical ingredients, what’s the role of stems cells in revitalizing shampoo and hair loss prevention program?
Recent studies revealed that the stem cells at the origin of hair are in a sleeping state when hair falls off. However, in the presence of cell growth factor, they can be awakened and give birth to new hair. It was also demonstrated that some plant stem cells extract can help human stem cells to maintain good health.
Therefore, plant stem cell extracts of apple, echinacea, and buddleja davidii are used as magical ingredients in Valdoré Revitalizing shampoo and Hair Loss prevention Program. The extracts contain vegetable growth factors and studies showed that they help to maintain the hair stem cells in good health.
Are stem cells safe?
There are plant stem cell extracts used in Valdoré products. Plant stem cells are 100% safe for humans and it’s proven via extensive research. Yes, it’s still cutting-edge technology and many people mix it up with human stem cells therapy. The latter might be dangerous and therefore regulated in many countries, for example by Food & Drug Administration in the United States. On the contrary, plant stems cells are safe and used in a variety of cosmetic products today.
Please tell us more about the key reasons for hair loss?
There are different reasons for hair loss or as it’s called scientifically - alopecia. Telogen effluvium usually happens 3 months after the cause and it might be driven by stress, childbirth and lactation, specific medications, diseases (e.g. diabetes, iron deficiency, etc.), diet, and lack of nutrients (e.g. significant weight loss), hormonal alterations and menopause. Androgenic alopecia, widely spread among men, has genetic origins and usually results in thinning the upper portion of the scalp. Aging is also the key factor for hair loss, hair growth gets slower and hair fibers become thinner with age. Many other mostly medical reasons for alopecia exist. Depending on the type and stage of alopecia, it could be treated with cosmetic products, that are improving the health of the scalp and hair.
How can cosmetic beauty products help decrease hair loss? Is it possible at all?
Of course, it’s possible, but to do so, these products need to address key physiological causes of alopecia in hair and scalp. In my view, first of all, it should improve blood circulation in the scalp for proper oxygen and nutrients supply to hair bulbs. Secondly, it should slow down the androgenic alopecia factor via the reducing effect of 5-alpha reductase, which transforms testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Thirdly, it should act to decrease matrix fibrosis around the bulb. Last but not least, it should improve hair keratinization with vitamins (e.g. biotin, vitamin B5, etc.) and other nutrients.  This is exactly how we developed Valdore products with specific active ingredients which work against all these factors.
What’s your favorite product in Valdoré collection?
As a scientist, I really like the complexity of the formula and the latest innovation used in both Valdoré Hair Loss Prevention Program and Revitalizing Shampoo. However other products are great as well, each one helps in respective need. For example, in restoring conditioner there is a special patented UV absorber that protects the hair from chemical changes induced by the sun's radiation. A special complex based on plant stem cells, natural oils, and extracts is used in Valdoré Night Stimulating scalp serum. It’s 100% natural product to prevent and treat excessive hair loss. The serum is so effective that I recommend using it between treatments of the Intensive Hair Loss Prevention program.
Valdoré repairing keratin oil has a complex formula with different vegetable oils that nourishes the hair without weighing them down, providing a necessary keratin boost.
Intensive Hair Loss Prevention Program has a complex product with the ‘state of the art’ formula, the best ingredients and the latest technologies.
What is so special in Valdore Hair Loss Prevention Program?
This would be my favorite Valdore product. It’s a very complex program with a ‘state of the art’ formula, the best ingredients, and the latest technology. The treatment is so complex and unstable, that requires the entire program to be separated into 1 vial with Stem cells booster and 7 vials of Hair growth serum. After adding of Stem cells booster into the vial with Hair growth serum it will remain stable for use during the next 3-5 days and the total course is designed for usage for 1 month. Let’s start with Stem cells booster, it contains vegetable stem cells extracts of apple, echinacea, buddleja davidii. As mentioned, these extracts have a growth factor, which helps to keep the hair stem cells in good health. Also, booster provides lots of nutrients and carries a microencapsulated combination of vitamin H, E, and provitamin B5, caffeine. While in Hair growth serum we have Kopexil, which fights fibrosis and improves hair health. Apigenin as vasodilator with long-lasting effects and Eriobotrya japonica leaf extract improve the diameter of hair fibers because it enhances the growth factor production by the hair bulb. Plus many other active components make it so efficient. However, we should not forget that the program is recommended for usage 2-3 times a year for maximum effect.

Thank you for this conversation! In Valdoré we say “Your beauty is our inspiration”. What does inspire you personally?
Of course, I love my job, because partially with our research and development we help women to look beautiful and deal with signs of aging. But overall progress in science, biology and medicine stimulates me to stretch my imagination, start looking for solutions that were not imaginable before, and in return create new and even better products. It’s a great satisfaction for each scientist and R&D specialist to see your product real and being used by other people. It gives me a boost and energy to come back to the lab every day for the last 30 years (!!).
What’s your personal recipe for beauty?
As a scientist, I really believe in healthy well-being. Stay active, eat balanced food, and love what you’re doing - is the secret of well-aging. Using modern cosmetic products is the tool to feel good and confident with your image!