How to make hair thicker, stronger and healthier?
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Luxurious hair is a symbol of beauty, health and an object of desire for men and women. However, keeping your hair in good condition becomes a daunting task as you age. Over time, the hair loses its vital energy, becomes thinner, loses its softness and shine, the length breaks off, and hair begins to fall out intensively. Fortunately, in today's world, there are really effective ways to increase hair volume, find the causes and deal with the problems of hair loss, thinning, loss of volume and appearance of hair. You can make your hair thicker and more beautiful.

What is thick hair?
There are two factors influencing the density of hair - the amount of hair on the scalp and the hair structure (fine/medium/coarse). Therefore, in order to volumize your hair, you need to increase their number and at the same time make each hair denser and thicker.

How to achieve maximum hair density at home? USE THE VALDORÉ STEP-BY-STEP PLAN:

1. Check the condition of the scalp.
Health hair starts from a follicle. The stronger is the follicle, the better is its adhesion to the dermis, and that means that hair is less susceptible to premature hair loss. Hair will fall out less and grow better with a healthy scalp. Therefore, clean it regularly with a non-aggressive shampoo, providing careful relief from external pollution and seboom and stimulating cell renewal. Valdoré Revitalizing Shampoo contains the gentlest surfactants that cleanse skin without damaging its lipid layer. Due to the complex extracts of plant stem cells it stimulates cell renewal of the dermis for better hair growth. The correct shampoo does not only clean, but also makes scalp healthier and more susceptible to penetration of ingredients of the following care products.
2. Never neglect conditioning and moisturizing care.
A modern person living in a frenzied rhythm tends to lack nutrients, therefore, for hair beauty and health it is necessary to supply it from the outside. 
Valdoré Recovering Conditioner is enriched with biotin and vitamin E, vital for hair health, so it does a great job. The bioactive component panthenol, which is included in this treatment, stimulates the production of its own fatty acids and hair keratin, thus moisturizing and restoring its density. Natural extract of chamomile and sunflower oil provides antioxidant action, and forms impalpable protective film on the hair surface that fights against UV radiation, high temperatures and mechanical damage. Valdoré Recovering Conditioner also includes positively charged caring silicon particles that are attracted to the damaged structures of keratin, as if smoothing damage.
3. Use the right hair oils correctly.
Smooth locks look thicker and denser. A variety of plant oils have long been used for smoothing and making hair silkiness. Yet natural oil, for all its benefits, can glue and weigh hair. So choose water-soluble formulas that allow the penetration of oil nutrients inside the hair and do not remain on the surface. Apply a small amount of oil to a length on damp hair, preheating the oil on your palms. You can add a drop of oil to the conditioner to enrich the composition. Valdoré Keratin Oil is formulated with natural ingredients to give hair shine without unnecessary weight. A small drop with a light touch will add shine to your hair and help smooth out excess fuzz for smooth styling.
How to make hair thicker, stronger and healthier?
4. Massage your scalp daily.
Just 2-3 minutes of massage a day can work wonders. Ideally, you can massage several times a day, at least twice. Massage the scalp from the forehead to the back of the head along the hairline at 9 points: the areas of the frontal tubercles, temples, mastoid processes behind the ears, the base of the skull, the crown and the middle of the forehead along the hairline. Massage with gentle, gentle circular motions of your fingertips, moving the scalp in relation to the bones of the skull, 20 to 40 times at each point. So you relax the scalp, stimulate microcirculation and nutrition of the hair follicles. If you add a hair growth serum to the massage, you will be able to evaluate the result in a month.
Valdoré Stimulating Serum for scalp based on Ginkgo Biloba and essential oils to the massage, you will ensure optimal nutrition of the hair follicles and improve the structure of the hair from the inside. 
5. Visit your hairdresser regularly.
Make sure you visit the hairdresser once every 2-3 months to cut off the ends. Even a slight decrease in length adds hair stimulus for a more dense growth.
6. Eat usefully for your hair.
Eat a balanced diet and try to avoid extreme restrictions. Hair “adores” proteins and amino acids: eat more oily fish, meat, eggs, nuts, legumes and green vegetables. They also benefit from foods rich in iron (red meat, buckwheat, pomegranate), selenium (Brazil nut, seafood), zinc (shellfish, wheat bran, liver) and B vitamins (cereals and beans).

7. Maintain your hair in the off-season with extra care.
In spring and autumn, body experiences an acute shortage of vitamins, and this primarily affects hair health. Therefore, in the off-season, hair needs special care. 
To maintain its beauty at this time, use additional care with a stimulating effect, containing bioactive substances and essential oils. 
Valdoré Intensive Program contains Aminexil to effectively combat hair loss and extracts to improve hair structure, as well as plant stem cells that enhance hair growth through natural growth factors. The course is designed for 28 days and is designed to restore natural hair growth and balance of the scalp, stopping hair loss. The action of the formula is aimed at improving the condition and functioning of the vessels of the scalp, prolonging the life cycle of the hair and improving nutrition, and stimulating growth.
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