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Dr. Brigitte Bollinger about hair, hair loss problem and alopecia treatment
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DR Brigitte Bollinger. Swiss Medical Association doctor specializing in dermatology and venereology

Dr. Bollinger, you work in Grand Resort Bad Ragaz’s Medical Health Centre which is located in the Swiss Alps, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. What brings your patients to you there, and what are the issues they would like to solve?
Of course, the patients come because they want to relax, but as the medical center is integrated into the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, they also have the opportunity to connect their vacation with health checks, detox programs, smart aging programs, skin beauty programs, etc. This means that an individualized approach to their personal problems can be optimally implemented.
Why has hair loss become such a widespread problem? What are the most common reasons for hair loss?
We are currently treating a large number of patients suffering from post-COVID hair loss. This phenomenon is very widespread, but has one upside: the hair loss is reversible, i.e. with (very) much patience, the patients will have their old appearance again after a while. In addition, outward appearance is becoming increasingly important in our society. The Smart Aging concept includes a healthy, youthful appearance. In this context, healthy, shiny, and resting hair plays a very important role.
Many people are shy to go to a trichologist and discuss their hair loss problem. How does the first appointment usually begin? How should a person be prepared for the visit?
The patients usually come and report increased stress and visible hair loss. In preparation for an appointment with a trichologist, the anamnesis, the intake of medication, the family history, and previous illnesses (e.g. infections) are particularly relevant.
What is the key difference in the reasons for hair loss for men and women? Who is coming more often?
The reasons for hair loss in men and women are very similar, both hormonal and genetic pre-existing conditions and medical therapies play a role. In men, it is primarily the androgenetic hair loss that is caused by a kink in the hormonal curve and that leads to a doctor's visit. Male patients are often afraid of looking like their fathers as they get older. It is also important to mention that androgenetic hair loss is inherited X chromosomally, i.e. in affected men the defective gene was passed on from their grandfather or mother, for example. Postmenopausal women often suffer from reduced hair density and thus wish to regain their youthful appearance.
What kind of procedures do you offer in the clinic?
First of all, finding the cause via making a blood test and hair analysis is the basic requirement for planning therapeutic options. Depending on the result, and taking into account the personal anamnesis, we can offer the following therapies: vitamin cocktails for the hair and scalp, local hormone therapy, the substitution of micronutrients, or Valdoré care products (mainly stem cell therapy and serums which are part of Valdoré Intensive Program).
What is the best way to care for your scalp? Should you do that regularly as a part of your care routine?
In the case of hair loss, a regular massage of the scalp, which improves microcirculation, is crucial for the success of the therapy. This is the only way that topically applied therapeutic agents or micronutrients can be better absorbed by the hair roots. In addition to the professional scalp massage, I recommend brushing the hair daily with a natural hair brush. Furthermore, care should be taken to ensure that you drink plenty of fluids.

Please share your impressions of the Valdoré Intensive Hair Loss Program. What ingredients do you find most effective and innovative in the composition? What made you try using this Swiss product in the first place?
I became aware of the Valdoré Intensive Hair Loss Prevention Program based on my own experience.
I had massive hair loss after COVID and was looking for a solution to this problem. Valdoré Program for hair and scalp is very effective thanks to the combination of the plant stem cell extracts that care for the scalp very intensively and activate hair growth factors at the same time. This combination therapy is the drug of choice for me.
Please share your impression of the Valdoré Revitalising Shampoo and Recovering Conditioner.
The combination of shampoo and conditioner is truly excellently coordinated, the hair is then strong and optimally nourished.
What is your opinion about the innovative ingredients for hair care such as Plant stem cells extracts, peptide complexes etc?
As already explained in a previous question, I think that the combination of scalp care and hair growth factors activation is ideal. Plant stem cell extracts in Valdoré Program deliver on both.
What was the end result of usage on your patients? What was their personal feedback?
My patients were very satisfied with the excellent end result. 
The structure of their hair was restored, and their hair was well moisturized. Thanks to the quickly visible effects in the mirror, the positive feedback in the brain contribute to even better effects and faster results.
How would you compare the usage (and the end effect) of the Valdoré program with any salon treatments?
It's difficult to compare, but in the end, treatments in the salon are always purely cosmetic, while the Valdoré program takes a medical-therapeutic approach.
Could you please be so kind to share your overall thoughts and reflections on the theme of timeless beauty? What does that mean to you?
Whenever you create beauty around yourself, you heal your own soul. 
"Nothing makes someone more beautiful than the belief that he is beautiful." Sophia Loren
Dr. Brigitte Bollinger about hair, hair loss problem and alopecia treatment
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