External stress - what it is and how it affects your hair
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Gorgeous hair is a sign of health and inner peace, and vice versa: the more we get nervous and experience overloads, the worse is our hair condition. The relationship of hair beauty with the emotional background and the balance of body systems has been known for a long time. Today, this biochemical mechanism has been studied in detail, and we know that even intense and prolonged hair loss is not a sentence.

Trichologists, doctors specializing in healthy hair and scalp, call external stress enemy No. 1 for hair.

External stress situations include: 
  •  diets and any dietary restrictions, including vegetarianism, starvation, etc .;
  •  intense sports loads;
  •  addictions, such as smoking;
  •  adverse ecology and the so-called “stress of big cities”;
  •  emotional and physical stress associated with mental activity: examination sessions, “emergency” at work;
  •  long-term negative experiences and lack of emotional discharge.
Thus, external stress is a long-term effect of external factors on the body, first causing the adaptation reaction and then the response resistance.
Noticed hair loss and thinning? Perhaps, you’ve recently experienced something stressful from the list above.
With external stress, immunity weakens primarily and the body becomes less resistant to infections. In addition, a constant high level of cortisol, a stress hormone, leads to an increased content of male sex hormone - testosterone in the body.
In turn, increased level of testosterone hastens telogen - the phase of hair dying, and slows down anagen phase - the process of growth of new hair follicles. Plus, the blood circulation in the scalp vessels slows down due to constant muscle tension, and it becomes clear why hair follicles are depleted under external stress. From biological point of view, it is quite natural: hair in the human body is the least important tissue for organism, so while under stress, the body first "cuts off" hair energy to simply save it for other systems. Although from the point of view of beauty, it’s deeply disappointing. It turns out that, rationing the food and exhausting yourself in the gym for the sake of a slim waist, you can be additionally rewarded with thinning, lifeless curls!

What can be done to stop hair loss and bring back its beauty?

The answer is obvious - minimize stress. It has been proven that yoga, meditation, breathing practices, aromatherapy help to better cope with pressure neutralizing stress hormones and normalizing stressful state. Use every opportunity to relax and release muscle tension.
For exhausted hair after the influence of testosterone and lack of nutrition, it is extremely important to establish not only the blood circulation of scalp vessels, but also to stimulate the flow of vital bioactive substances and vitamins from the inside and outside.
Meat, fish, eggs and legumes contain amino acids essential for the construction of keratin protein structures. Consult your doctor about dietary supplements and medicines if you cannot eat these foods.
Right сare is the foundation of restoring hair from stress. Choose an effective and safe recovery treatment for your hair. Swiss Valdoré Hair Recovery Program is a perfect choice, because it combines the most innovative achievements of cosmetology and the pristine power of nature:
  •  Exclusive Swiss Valdoré laboratory formula, created in Geneva based on 40 years of research;
  •  Plant stem cells based formula. Phyto-stem cells stimulate the human body to produce its own collagen and elastin;
  •  Enriched with peptides, vitamins and specially selected composition of essential oils;
  •  Innovative technology for microencapsulation of active ingredients acts in the exact damaged fragment of the hair and at a certain moment when it is most needed.

Valdoré Intensive Hair Loss Prevention Program with peptide complex and kopexil are recommended for hair loss and thinning caused by stress. The Valdoré ampoule formula is designed to neutralize the effects of testosterone, which inhibits the growth of hair follicles. Its bioactive components fill the hair with essential nutrients and vitamins for greater strength and elasticity. It is proved that after applying the product, the loss stops, hair becomes thicker, softer and is filled with energy.
Valdoré Intensive Hair Loss Prevention Program is created for 28 days of use. During the course, we also recommend using Valdoré Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil. They contain phyto-stem cells of apple, buddley and echinacea, a peptide complex GHK that activates the vital functions of cells, as well as vitamins and a composition of valuable essential oils that are vital for hair.
We will hardly manage to completely prevent our life from stress. However, we can find ways to adapt to it, as well as minimize the deteriorating effect on the beauty of our hair. The Valdoré Hair Recovery Program will support your hair during stress periods and restore its energy
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