Results - Hair growth and recovery

Hair recovery after a course of chemotherapy

Tatiana, 41 y.o.
In January 2020, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery and 8 courses of chemotherapy, there was nothing left of my beautiful hair. In September, after the end of chemotherapy, I began to study the issue of hair restoration. Of the many options I have chosen Valdoré because I trust Swiss quality, the philosophy of the brand is close to me, and, of course, having studied the reviews, I have decided to try the product on myself. I have chosen two Valdoré items: Valdoré Intensive Hair Loss Program and Revitalizing shampoo. After taking a photo "before use", I started using it. As the first impression counts, it is significant in what packaging the product is served. And here the company is at its best. The Intensive Program is packed in a stunning box with detailed instructions and everything you need.
The process of mixing and applying the product does not take much time. The subtle scent reminds me of salon treatments (which I missed so much). After applying the serum, a slight redness appears on the skin, but there is no burning sensation, and the redness goes away rather quickly without causing discomfort. The main thing is not to touch your face after rubbing in and wash your hands immediately. As a result, the hair became thicker, denser. Well, the after-use photo speaks for itself. I used the revitalizing shampoo during the Intensive Program and continue to use it now. Perfectly lathers, rinses off well, leaving a wonderful scent on the hair. I strongly recommend this program, because, after chemotherapy, you do want to quickly regain your beauty, to feel more confident. Valdoré helped me with this. I will definitely repeat the course.