Results Against hair loss

Results - hair loss treatment


Maria, 38 y.o.
As a mother of three, I can tell that I adore children. But after every birth, the recovery process was not easy. After my third child was born, I had to face severe hair loss. It became a huge trauma for me, not only I hadn't fully recovered from childbirth, I began losing more hair. I started surfing the Net in search of tips and found the Valdoré brand. Honestly, I was attracted by the description of the Intensive Hair Loss Program: plant stem cells, peptide complex, biotin, and other substances.
Also, it is a Swiss product, and I trust cosmetics from Switzerland. In general, I've decided to buy and try Valdoré. And, frankly, I've never regretted my choice - after a month of use, the hair loss became "normal" - the hair on the comb and in the shower drain became much less, a new fluff appeared and the hair as a whole became much more beautiful and healthy. In general, I was pleased with Valdoré - I'm very grateful for your brand!